Gilmar Saint’ Clair Ribeiro

Travessa Tancredo de Arruda, 38

Jardim Mateus

Itatiba — SP



Phone/Fax: +55 (11) 4538-2728

e-mail: gilmarribeiro21@gmail.com

Skype: gilmarribeiro21




Technical, literary, and sworn translation / Copy Editing / Writer

Public Relations

Cultural, historical, political-social, and religious editorial work




– Solid interpersonal relationship skills proven in different situations for negotiating with subordinates, peers, and superiors.

– Knowledge and permanent interest in cultural, historical, sociological, religious, and international geopolitical matters.

– Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter of Spanish enrolled in CCM under number 019549 (Itatiba) and registered with the Board of Trade in the State of São Paulo under No. 952.

– Broad background in the preparation of text books, newspapers, and magazines both in Portuguese as well as in Spanish and French.


Professional Experience:


Typing (Windows XP, Word 2003) / review / proofreading / writing / copy desk / preparation of original documents / editing and mailing / lexicography / terminology.

Affiliated to the “Direcção Terminologia e Indústrias da Língua – DTIL” (Directorate of Terminology and Industries of the Language) of the Latin Union with headquarters in Paris. Name included in the book “Repertório Biográfico Internacional da Tradução e Terminologia” (International Biographical Directory of Translation and Terminology)Portugal’s Edition, published in French, English, and Spanish.

– Three decades of critical research, recension, and translation of specialized books in several languages.

– Twenty-five years as a journalist specialized in hagiographic editorial work, focusing on social-historical articles (Folha da Tarde, São Paulo, “Catholic Column” from 1974 to 1988).

– I currently work as a translator (Spanish and French), proofreader and copy desk for Loyola and Paulinas Publishing Houses (both in São Paulo), revising and preparing original documents also in Italian, even documents for the Vatican, as well as for LTR Publishing House (São Paulo) in works of culture, history, ethics, theology, philosophy, sociology, child psychology, religion in general, and self-help. Have also been a translator and reviser of cultural dictionaries. (To date, more than 1,300 works either directly translated by me or whose translations from English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian were revised by me). Have recently done translations from Spanish for the Publishers Thex and José Olímpio in Rio de Janeiro and for the Augustinians “da Assunção” in São Paulo and Augustinians “Recoletos” in Rio de Janeiro.

– Educational advisor on the art of translating.

– To date more than 100 bound volumes with an average of 400 pages each, or about 42,000 pages of official documents translated as a sworn translator from Spanish into Portuguese or vice versa in the exercise of my office of public translator and commercial interpreter of the Spanish language.




São Paulo: Loyola, Ave Maria, Paulinas, LTR, Ática, Agostinianos da Assunção.

Rio de Janeiro: José Olímpio, Thex Editora, Agostinianos Recoletos.

Other Companies:

São Paulo:

Alibra Ingredientes Ltda.

Brazilian Association of Machines – ABIMAC (preparation of multilingual portfolio)

Banco Santander

Bayer S.A.//Shering//Aventis

PLP – Produtos para linhas Preformados – Ltda.

Broto Legal Alimentos

Contech Produtos Biodegradáveis

Pinnacle System Incorporation

Piovan América Latina

Hidroall do Brasil




Maccafferri do Brasil

Master Top Linhas Aéreas

Natura Cosméticos

OMNI Grupo Industrial Ltda

Prefeitura da Estância de Atibaia

Renner Sayerlack S.A.

Soluziona S.A.

Indra Sistemas S.A.

VSN Video Stream networks

Etc., etc.


Author of books:

– 26 Questions About Indulgences and Papal Bull Incarnationis mysterium – A Clarification for the People (2nd Ed., São Paulo, Ave Maria, 2000)

– The Angels and I (2nd Ed. São Paulo, Ave Maria, 2000)

– Joseph (2nd Ed. São Paulo, Ave Maria, 2000)

– History: Issues of Method.

– Mary in the Light of Vatican II (Itatiba, SP, Berto Editora, 2000)

– 1,001 words of Religious Communication (São Paulo, LTR, 2001)

– Do Not Confuse Apples with Pears… (Lexicographical work for Ática Publishing House, São Paulo)

– The Process of Jesus of Nazareth (in preparation)

– Manual for a Spanish Translator (in preparation)


Membership in Associations:

– ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards

– Paulista Press Association – API – Registration no. 1870 of October 9, 1991

– Fluminense Association of Journalists, registration no. 837

– Association of Public Translators and Commercial Interpreters of the State of São Paulo – ATPIESP, associate no. 348





– Law (USP) (withdrawn with a right to return).

– Speech Courses (Prof. Reynaldo Polito, Herrero Faria & Associates Consulting Co. – Sebrae)

– Training Courses:

            – International Geopolitics

            – The Art of Governing in the Public’s Opinion

            – Freudian and Jungian Psychoanalysis

            – The Crisis of Western Man

            – Social Psychology

            – Psychological Warfare and Revolutionary War

            – Cultural Revolution and the Ecological Movement

            – The Harms of TV

            – Single Tax

            – Seminar: Linguistic Bias and the Teaching of the Portuguese Language (seven hours sponsored by Loyola Publishing House and Loyola Multimedia on March 20, 1999)

            – Lecture: Personal Productivity by José Caraball from the University of Santiago in Chile – David Allen & Co., August 18, 1999


Expertise in the following Languages: Portuguese, French, and Spanish


Other languages: Italian


Date of birth: 1/21/1954


Itatiba – July, 2011